In the Spotlight:
Jesse Gervais from Clue

Wadsworth shrieks, crumpled on the floor. Mrs. Peacock and Mrs. White are nearby, unfazed.

Jesse Gervais with Sharon Bajer and Petrina Bromley in Clue. Photo by Dahlia Katz.

Is that Ambrose Small, backstage, with the fly rope? No. It’s Jesse Gervais as Wadsworth, in Clue, with the suspicious lack of details … for now.

The hilarious farce of a murder mystery that is Clue is playing through March 31 on the Spriet Stage at the Grand Theatre and we’ve been experiencing more than a little déjà vu. The play is based on the movie based on the board game and has been delivering nostalgia along with the laughs (and gasps). Audiences in the know will also recognize Jesse Gervais as Wadsworth, remembering his very recent stage-stealing performances as Ambrose Small in the Grand Theatre’s production of Grand Ghosts.

Jesse’s return to London has been a welcome one, and to add to the fun, he joined us for a Q&A about our favourite local ghost story, tricks for navigating awkward dinner parties, and what he loves about Clue.

Grand Theatre: Have you ever blackmailed someone?

Jesse Gervais: I have never been a blackmailer or a blackmailee

GT: This isn’t your first time performing in a murder mystery at the Grand Theatre, having played Ambrose Small in 2022 in Grand Ghosts! What do you think actually happened to Ambrose Small? 

JG: I think Ambrose was MURDERED in the THEATRE with the REVOLVER!  His Ghost still haunts The Grand to this day.

GT: Are Wadsworth and Ambrose Small anyway alike?

JG: Wadsworth and Ambrose are so different, but they are both shop at the same stores, have the same tailor, and Fabulous Handwriting.

GT: You are sent a mysterious invite to have dinner at the home of an unknown figure? Do you A: attend, B: call the authorities, or C: make a run for it?

JG: You had me at free meal! I’m an “opportunivore” at heart.

GT: What is your favourite moment of the show (spoiler free!)?

JG: My favourite moment is stepping out on Brian Perchaluk’s incredible set. It’s another character of the show and it’s dizzyingly fun!

GT: If someone was trying to murder you, what would you use to fight back: the candlestick, dagger, lead pipe, revolver, rope or wrench?

JG: I only fight with the power of Dance. Never underestimate a break dance fighter.

GT: What is your favourite part about playing Wadsworth?

JG: Sharing the stage with an incredible ensemble of actors.

GT: How do you like to spend your dinner parties?

JG: Trying not to spill food on my clothes.  (I’m an enthusiastic eater)

GT: What inspires you the most?

JG: Breath.  Eh?   Get it?   aaaah never mind.

GT: What do you hope audiences will feel after seeing Clue?

JG: Generous! Joyous! Inspired to  . . . . Murder!


Clue is NOW PLAYING through March 31 on the Grand Theatre Spriet Stage. For tickets, information about enhancing your experience, and other behind-the-scenes moments, click here.

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