In the Spotlight

In the Spotlight is the source for profiles, biographies, and Q & As of the artists, technicians, staff, volunteers, and community members who are making a grand impact – both on and off the stage.


George Kerhoulas
George Kerhoulas, Board President

Brandon Michael Arrington
Brandon Michael Arrington, Actor

Trina Davies
Trina Davies, Playwright


Saccha Dennis and Greg Carruthers
Saccha Dennis, Director and Greg Carruthers, Choreographer

Izad Etemadi
Izad Etemadi, Actor

Alexis Gordon
Alexis Gordon, Actor & Grand Theatre Board of Directors

Ray Hogg
Ray Hogg, Director

Haysam Kadri, Nabil Traboulsi, and Winnie Yeung
Haysam Kadri, Director and Winnie Yeung, Writer

Alexandra Kane
Alexandra Kane, Music Director & Actor

Masini McDermott
Masini McDermott, Actor

Andrea Menard
Andrea Menard, Singer/Actor

Zorana Sadiq
Zorana Sadiq, Actor & Playwright

Andrea Scott
Andrea Scott, Playwright

Jennifer Slay
Jennifer Slay, Grand Theatre Board of Directors