In the Spotlight:
Beau Dixon from Clue

Dinner guests in fancy dress exclaim over a dead body.

Company members of Clue. Photo by Dylan Hewlett.

If you didn’t know that Beau Dixon was about to hit the stage in one of the best-known murder mysteries of our time, you might be surprised by just how many of his answers lead to more questions. We are about to know Beau onstage as Colonel Mustard in Clue, but theatre and music lovers already know him well as a celebrated, award-winning actor, musician, playwright and creator of unforgettable performance experiences.

Beau is part of an all-star company of actors and artists who have come together from across the country to share a production of Clue that is packed with nostalgia and heavy on hijinks. Clue plays on the Spriet Stage at the Grand Theatre from March 12 to 30. To help get you in the mood for mischief (and possibly a little murder too), we asked Beau ten questions about all things Clue, his artistic career, and being Colonel Mustard.

Grand Theatre: Why do you think people love Clue (the game, the movie, the lore)?

Beau Dixon: It's one-of-a-kind in the sense that it borrows from a lot of classic comedies but still maintains its own unique 'who done it?' style. The script is well-crafted and everyone likes a good mystery.

GT: What is your favourite moment in the show (spoiler free!)?

BD: The very ending - of course! But I won't give it away.

GT: What surprised you the most about your character, Colonel Mustard?

BD: He's more earnest than I thought. The audience empathizes with him the most.

GT: If you could play any other character in the show, who would you choose?

BD: Wadsworth!

GT: Which is your favourite room at Boddy Manor?

BD: The lounge.

GT: You’re an accomplished actor, musician, playwright, music director and sound designer. Is there anything else you wish you were?

BD: A mechanic.

GT: What projects are you working on or hoping to kickstart in the future?

BD: I've co-written a musical that I’m looking forward to workshopping in Harlem, New York this summer. I also co-wrote another musical that I’ll be performing in at Stratford Festival in August. It's called 'Shape of Home: Songs in Search of Al Purdy.'

GT: Is there anything that you would like to share with our audiences and fellow theatre artists, about creating spaces that welcome and celebrate and nourish Black artists?

BD: It's important for our theatres and patrons to continue to learn more about Black communities in our own neighborhoods. By doing so, we draw more people into the theatres which creates more art in more spaces.

GT: Where do you get your inspiration from?  

BD: Reading books, people watching, movie watching, listening to music, surrendering to silence and sleep. Lots of sleep.

GT: What are you hoping audiences will feel from seeing this production of Clue?

BD: I hope they feel giddy, revitalized and sore in the face from laughing so hard!


Clue plays March 12 to 30 on the Grand Theatre Spriet Stage. For tickets, information about enhancing your experience, and other behind-the-scenes moments, click here.

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