A Co-Production with The Citadel Theatre


By Arun Lakra
January 14 to February 1, 2025
Opening Night Friday, January 17
Spriet Stage
A large red diamond is centred under the title 'Heist', with lasers cross diagonally above.
A large red diamond is centred under the title 'Heist', with lasers cross diagonally above.

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Diamonds. Deals. Lasers. Betrayal. Ocean’s Eleven for the theatrical stage!

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Five criminals team up for one final job after finding themselves betrayed.

Heist is an edge-of-your-seat, popcorn-theatre, action-thriller with all the necessary players: the charmer, the pretty boy, the sneak, the muscle, and the geek. Prepare for anything and everything, then watch as karma comes collecting in this Ocean's Eleven-inspired theatrical production.

Calgary’s breakthrough screenwriter, playwright (and ophthalmologist by day), Arun Lakra brings high-tech, stunt-filled, crime drama from the silver screen to the stage. His mission? To keep savvy audiences on their toes with a fast-paced, twisty whodunnit that has the lobby buzzing.




On select Wednesday evenings, immediately after the performance, join host Breanne Ritchie in theatre's lounge for a brief guided discussion with guest artists, creative team members, and Grand staff members.


Join us for creative conversations pre-show with host Rachel Peake and special guests connected to the show. Tea Talks begin at 12:00pm before the Wednesday 1:00pm matinée.

  • Wednesday, Jan 29, 2025