GRAND WALKS Episode 6: There's Always Something New to Discover in Old East Village


There's Always Something New to Discover in Old East Village

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In the final episode of this first season, Daniel walks through Old East Village with Adam Sturgeon - proud father, Polaris prize nominated musician and award-winning business owner of Rezonance, a screen printing internship program for Indigenous youth. As their route takes them past many inspiring public art installations, murals and mosaics, they discuss the complex make-up of the businesses, services, homes and residents of OEV community. Adam shares his thoughts with us on the issues of 'houselessness' in London and the growing divide between the underserved and affluent Londoners. He stresses that culture is always at top of mind for him as a father, in is music, in his work with youth and his advocacy for the First Nations communities. Daniel and Adam pass many iconic businesses whose strong roots in OEV have given the neighbourhood a distinct feel - Aeolian Hall, The Market at Western Fair District, London Clay Art Centre, Libro Credit Union, and of course So Inviting Dumplings - and are quick to share their varying dumpling preparation recipes. Boil? Fry? How do you 'dumpling'? Adam and Daniel open the invitation for you to meet the passionate residents of this amazing part of London and discover the many hidden gems in OEV.

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A transcript of the conversation with accompanying photos is posted below for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Communities or for those who prefer to read.  Click here to jump straight to the transcript and photos of the walk.

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This is the final GRAND Walk of this debut season. Let us know what you thought of the series - we'd love to hear from you! Email us at inside [at] grandtheatre [dot] com with your thoughts and comments.

Adam Sturgeon's Route:
Old East Village


Start at 629 Dundas Street

Walk east along Dundas Street

Turn left to head north on Elizabeth Street

Turn right to head east on Queens Avenue

Turn right to head south on English Street

Turn left to head east on Dundas Street

Stop when you arrive at Queens Park just east of Ontario Street

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About Adam Sturgeon

Adam Sturgeon is an Anishinabek musician and community worker. As a long-time musician, Adam has travelled and resided in many cities and First Nations across Canada, working collaboratively with local artists in various capacities (festivals, workshops, recording projects and performances). As a community worker and artist, Adam founded the award winning Rezonance program - an Indigenous-focused screen printing, identity and empowerment internship that provides paid job skills to young indigenous artists. He was the recipient of the 2019 At^lohsa Peace Award and his latest album Warrior Down was nominated for the Polaris Music Prize. He uses his music and art practices as a vehicle to help both himself and others explore issues of colonization, self-determination, and healing. His current hometown is Deshkan Ziibing (London, ON.)

Episode 6 Transcript

There's Always Something New to Discover in Old East Village   31:56


Please note that this episode was taped in October 2020 and public health protocols for that time period were strictly adhered to by all participants.
Recording cables are 8-10 feet in length and while the perspective of some photos may suggest otherwise, strict adherence to the protocols were followed by all participants.

Adam Sturgeon, Lacie George, Daniel Bennett

Photos by Whitney South

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