GRAND WALKS Episode 4: A Springbank Stroll with Natasha George

Natasha George in the foreground and Daniel Bennett in the background stand by an entrance to Springbank Park.


A Springbank Stroll with Natasha George

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In this week’s episode Daniel and special guest Natasha George take an early Fall stroll through London’s glorious Springbank Park. Natasha and Daniel talk extensively about ‘community’ and how London fares (or doesn’t) as a welcoming city. Natasha speaks passionately about her life growing up on the Kettle Point Reserve, her transition to a more urban lifestyle and her hope to ease that transition for young First Nations folks through her ongoing advocacy work. A passionate theatre lover, Natasha provides meaningful insight on what we can do as a theatre to be more welcoming to folks beyond our current patron base. Together, Daniel and Natasha dream of future possibilities for the Guy Lombardo Pavilion and the simple pleasures of taking a walk in an inspiring setting .. preferably with an ice cream.

Walk the walk or listen from wherever you are in London, Ontario or across the world.

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A transcript of the conversation with accompanying photos is posted below for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Communities or for those who prefer to read.  Click here to jump straight to the transcript and photos of the walk.

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Natasha George's Route:
Springbank Park


Start slightly North West of the Civic Gardens Complex parking lot where the 3 walking trails meet

Head West along the path, over the foot bridge by the pagoda

Keep left at the stop sign onto the Maurice-Chapman Walkway

At the bridge, make a right and walk to the centre of the bridge

When prompted, head back to the Maurice-Chapman Walkway, and turn left

Keep left at the fork

Continue North after the two paths merge

Turn around when indicated

Keep left at the fork

Walk until you reach the bottom of the hill near the start of the walk

Click map for a larger view

Download as PDF

About Natasha George

Natasha George is a proud Anishnaabe woman who has worked extensively in the field of research and policy development for advocacy of Indigenous Community.

Most recently, she is on a contract as a research consultant for IPAA – Indigenous Performing Arts Alliance and navigating the COVID-19 ‘new normal’. Natasha is a proud mom to two young daughters.

Episode 4 Transcript

A Springbank Stroll with Natasha George   47:10


Please note that this episode was taped in late August 2020 and public health protocols for that time period were strictly adhered to by all participants.
Recording cables are 8-10 feet in length and while the perspective of some photos may suggest otherwise, strict adherence to the protocols were followed by all participants.

Natasha George, Daniel Bennett, Lacie George

Photos by Whitney South

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