McManus Stage

London One Act Festival

Presented by LOAF

London One Act Festival

Presented by LOAF

October 23 to 26, 2019 | 8PM
McManus Stage

Formed in 1999, the London One Act Festival is a four day festival of short plays of any genre running 30 minutes or less. The plays are presented twice, with two nights of previews and two nights of adjudication.


A Simple Question by Michael Wilmot
(This is a special, unadjudicated performance)

Corner Café Coffee House by Barbara J. Bilyea
A humorous look at a rural coffee shop struggling to stay relevant.

In the Tank by Rosemary Frisino Toohey
What's it like to be peered at by hungry humans? Presented by Elgin Theatre Guild


Pep! by Michael Johnston
Two morning show hosts try to maintain their good humour after an apocalyptic event.  

Did Butler Do It? by Nadine Lalonde
An eclectic set of jurors with only circumstantial evidence to consider. A gun, balaclavas, a robbery gone bad and missing money. Who’s right and who’s wrong? What is circumstantial evidence anyway? Can the jurors agree or will it be a hung jury? 

Beneath the Matala Moon by Cameron Johnston
Three young guys take off for the Greek islands in 1974.

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