Theatre Creators' Reserve Program

Theatre Creators’ Reserve Program 2017-18  Ontario Arts Council

The Theatre Creators’ Reserve Program, funded by the Ontario Arts Council, is intended to deliver money to creators to “buy time” for them to work on creation. It allows theatre companies, like the Grand, access to funding that can help us encourage and develop relationships with creators.

Having recently launched our New Play Development program, Compass, our priority is on fostering writers who can support our commitment to premiering our stories on our stages. We are world curious and London proud and we are seeking artists that share that spirit.


All applicants must submit the material requested by the Grand Theatre in addition to the application form provided by the Ontario Arts Council. Artists can find further information and the application form the Ontario Arts Council’s website at

Funding Criteria

Applications will be assessed using the following criteria:

  • The quality of the proposed work. (As evidenced by the quality of the proposal or previous work.)
  • The merit of the activity. (Relevance to the region; presentation of new ideas, format, stories and/or voices; the possibility of further development.)
  • An applicant’s ability to take on the project. (As indicated by previous work, detail of the proposal, or letters of recommendation)
  • An applicant’s professional status as an artist. (as defined by the OAC)
  • Our priority is to foster writers who can support our commitment to premiering our stories on our stages. We are world curious and London proud and we are seeking plays that share that spirit and will resonate with our audience. In our desire to encourage and reflect the world and our community, diversity will also be a consideration in the assessment of these applications.


Submissions are closed for the 2017/18 season.

Value of Grants

The minimum amount that can be requested is $1000, the maximum $5000.

Requested Material

Please include the following in your package for the Grand Theatre:

  1. A completed and signed Theatre Creators’ Reserve application form, available from the OAC. Submit three original signed copies of the application form to the Grand Theatre.
  2. Your resume/CV: please include history of public presentation and publication and confirm professional status as defined by OAC (see OAC Eligibility Criteria)
  1. Describe your Project:
    • Title
    • Timeline of project
    • Amount of funding requested
    • How will the grant be used
    • Brief description of project
  2. A sample of the work to be completed with this grant or a sample of previous work that would support this application (10 pages of script)
  3. Self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE) with each application. The theatre will only return support material and recommendation forms to you if you have included a SASE. Do not send support material to the OAC.
  1. Letter(s) of Recommendation (optional)

Conditions of Funding

  • Grants are to be used only for the purposes outlined in this proposal.
  • Application and support material must be submitted to The Grand Theatre by December 1, 2017.
  • A grant recommendation does not place the creator(s) under any obligation to the recommending theatre organization.
  • A recommendation does not oblige the theatre organization to produce the creators’ work.
  • The confidentiality of the creators, their applications and support materials will be kept.
  • The copyright of the applicants will be protected.


All applicants will be notified of results by January 12, 2018.


Return completed applications and all support documents to:

Theatre Creators’ Reserve Program
c/o Megan Watson
Grand Theatre
471 Richmond Street
London, ON N6A 3E4



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