Jane Austen's EMMA

Presented by Woodfield Productions
Adapted by Marion Johnson
Directed by Jeff Culbert 

McManus Stage
May 10 to 14, 2017

Emma Woodhouse, handsome, clever and rich… has everything she wants in life. She doesn’t need a husband for herself, but she loves to have fun playing matchmaker for other people. Her long-time friend and mentor, Mr Knightley, tells her to stop meddling - she tells him to back off. She’s an adult now and will follow her own judgement. Too bad Emma misjudges so many things - who the Reverend Mr Elton is really in love with, what game Frank Churchill is actually playing, or just how vulgar and illiterate the farmer Robert Martin really is. Still, Emma can count on the absolute loyalty of her little friend and protege, Harriet Smith - until Harriet aspires to a match that Emma could never approve.

“Let there be no more marriages in Highbury!” says Emma’s father. He believes that change is bad for everyone’s health... but young people still fall in love and young lovers are sure to find each other in this lively rendering of Jane Austen’s classic satire on love and self-deception. With a charming, (mostly) young cast, an upbeat tempo and a more contemporary design, this production is fun for the whole family.